DUNS: 202088154
OWNER DIRECT: (250) 888-9982

     Welcome to, a Canadian enhancement project dedicated to modernizing the Norinco T97NSR, a non-restricted bullpup rifle. All components are produced by the product developers at, the OEM of the Blackfeather "RS" rifle stock and the CASM® scope mount series under our new web site: (Also, look for the advanced concept "CA-15" Cantilever Scope Mount from (Coming Soon!)

     Our current product offerings on include the LHG (Lower Hand Guard), FTU (Flat Top Upper) and various CNC machined enhancements for the T97NSR. Our official forum is located here on CGN. For sales, scroll below or call/text direct 250 888 9982, noting we are on Pacific Standard Time. Email inquiries and orders are welcome. Thank-you.

     Status: The LHG is out of stock. New inventory LHG production completes November 2016. The FTU, FHG and BBHS are currently in stock. Order assembly and inspection times are currently 3-5 days. Call/Text 250 888 9982 owner direct for questions or order inquiries. Thank-you.

     The FTU (Flat Top Upper, shown below) is a CNC machined, 6061 alloy, 1913 Picatinny rail, firearms accessories mounting platform and long sight plane, low scope mount. The FTU is the first in a series of planned upgrades for the Norinco T97NSR bullpup rifle...TO READ MORE AND SEE MORE PHOTOS, CLICK HERE.

Lower Hand Guard + Options

     The Lower Hand Guard (LHG, shown below) is a 6061-T6 aluminum component replacement for the T97NSR bullpup rifle's plastic lower. The LHG is a complex group of components that includes a new, enhanced trigger group that is designed to enhance the non-restricted T97NSR bullpup rifle and eliminate multiple shortcomings inherent to the original design. TO READ MORE AND SEE MORE PHOTOS, CLICK HERE.